Uses Of Winding Machine

Top winding machines are planned with partitioned Electronic control unit and mechanical unit that are redone to our client’s need. 30% of the machines provided are modified and composed particular to client twisting needs. The product are fitted with field upgradable glimmer memory to help future outline/change. Since we plan and produce the frameworks in house, our after deals administration is phenomenal and savvy.

Electronic Control Unit The electronic unit controls the winding machine. The standard control unit comprises of 40×2 LCD to show alphanumeric characters, 10 keys for information section and three module sort connector for interfacing with the mechanical winding unit. This measured quality empowers any untalented administrator to just supplant the control unit in any part of the world if there should arise an occurrence of any blame guaranteeing least down time.

Mechanical unit The mechanical winding unit is interfaced with the controller utilizing a straightforward three attachment as a part of sort connector. This guarantees fast and simple establishment of the machine.

25 distinctive standard product offering covers wire sizes from 0.017mm/55AWG to 5.00mm/4AWG, loop breadths from 0.02 creep/0.5mm to 26inch/700mm and twisting lengths from 0.02inch/0.5mm to 25/635mm with single and multi shaft machines for creating tests to high volume. Summit additionally winding machine has practical experience in building altered twisting machines with AEX control units for extraordinary winding applications and this adds up to 30% of the aggregate deals.

Top has different arrangement of machines relying upon its sort of elements and winding capacities. Wire upto 1.00mm, breadth upto 100mm and winding length upto 400mm. Utilized for high precision and altered twisting prerequisite with HMI and servo framework. Wire upto 0.6mm, distance across upto 50mm and weight upto 0.5lbs. Utilized for smaller than usual curls to wind proto sort, R&D and lab applications. Wire upto 1.00mm, breadth upto 100mm and weight upto 2.0lbs. Multi useful, Rigid development, High speed, wide application, Possibility of customization, Used with different discretionary embellishments. Utilized for creation, Special applications, Proto sort, R&D and lab application.


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